Nokia Tyres launches new Tractor Tyre

Nokian Tractor King – Revolutionary from surface to core


New tractor tyre


Nokian Tyres have launched a new tractor tyre, Nokian Tractor King. Nokian Tractor King is a new no-compromise tractor tyre for the heaviest of machinery and the most difficult terrain in forestry, earthmoving and road construction. The design from all-new tread pattern to fortified carcass is nothing short of revolutionary in a tractor tyre.


The demands set for an ultimate tractor tyre have grown difficult to meet since machine weights, horsepower and road speeds have all increased. For safe and sustainable forestry, earthmoving and road construction Nokian Tyres now presents the new Nokian Tractor King. With the supreme durability and traction of this tyre the horsepower of tractors can be transferred to the ground like never before, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a tractor.

Nokian Tractor King



Peace of mind in all conditions

 Nokian Tractor King is revolutionary from surface to core. It essentially has the carcass of a heavy-duty earthmoving tyre, complete with steel belts, extra cord layers and Aramid-reinforced sidewalls. This combined with strong rubber compound makes it extremely resistant against cuts and punctures of forestry, earthmoving and road construction work.

From surface to core

Many lugged tyres suffer from vibration problems, worsening with speed and tyre wear. Nokian Tractor King offers smooth ride on high speeds as well.Its durability, wear-resistance and environmentally friendly production process make it a sustainable choice for modern forestry, giving the driver peace of mind in all conditions.


Main features


  • 50% more tractive edges

Compared to conventional lug pattern. All-new tread pattern gives grip on all terrains from sticky clay to loose sand.


  • Maximum speed 65 km/h

Economical kilometres. Innovative, wear-resistant tread design for comfortable, cost-efficient mileage.


  • High load capacity 320 kPa

Durability for toughest conditions. Revolutionary core and sidewall design for top-class puncture-resistance.


Innovations for daily work

With over 120-year experience Nokian Tyres makes forestry work all over the world safer and more sustainable. From game-changing ideas to the tested and trusted products, in the very core of Nokian Heavy Tyres business is knowing the world where tyres operate in. Driven by real life, Nokian Tyres constantly aims to exceed all previous achievements. So, in the end of the day, the work gets done safely and efficiently. Technology and service leadership come from experience and innovation, from deeply valuing the daily work.

Presented at Euroforest 2018 by Nokian Tyres: 

  • Foresty – broad selection of premium and replacement tyres for CTL machines, skidders and forestry tractors
  • Agriculture – Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI for tractors and Nokian CT flotation tyres for trailers
  • Trucks and buses – New Nokian E-Truck Trailer designed for Central European medium and regional haul transport, and premium all-season drive axle tyre Nokian Hakka Truck Drive
  • Passenger cars – SUV/ 4×4 summer tyres Nokian Rockproof and Nokian Rotiiva AT

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Importance of Tyres in F1

For the Formula 1 teams to be able to secure their wins, they need to ensure that they have the right tyres for the conditions that prevail at the day of the race.  Head of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff,  believes tyres have become the single most important factor in the F1 title fight between Mercedes and Ferrari.

For those following F1, will know how important the tyres are and how often the dreams are crushed because of the tyres. The teams will optimise their strategies based on how many pit stops are needed for change of tyres. We often see tyres blow or not enough grip due to worn out tyres. So proper tyre management and maintenance is key for performance.


Tyres for the Race

All cars have 3 different compounds of slick tyres for each race and 2 wet threaded tyres. The slicks have different hardness, the harder have less grip but are more durable and the soft have great grip but wear out quickly. It is the same supplier for all the tyres for all the cars participating. How you manage your tyres and when to make the stops to change tyres are critical for the success of the race.


General Tyres

For our normal cars we are not able to change tyres that frequently, so we are more dependent on our initial choice. Selecting the correct tyre is important both for the safety as well as the performance. We need tyres that are good both for dry condition as well as rainy conditions. If you have winter conditions, then you of course also need a tyre that is available to handle those circumstances.  You do however have the possibility to change tyres between the seasons.  So make the best of this, to ensure that you have the correct tyre for the season you will face.

Winter Tyre giant strengthens its summer tyre expertise

Nokian Tyres will add a new test centre in Spain in addition to the two test centres that they have in Finland. They will now be able to test and develop even better tyres for the summer seasons, through summer tyre testing capabilities. Nokian Tyres have previously tested summer tyres in both in South Africa and in Southern Europe. With this centre, they will be able to further enhance the development to continuously improve the performance of the tyres.


Tyre Testing

The new centre will be finished in 2020 and will have 10 different tracks for summer tyre testing. The two test centres that they have in Finland in Nokia and Ivalo are great for testing summer tyres in Nordic summer conditions.  Winter tyre testing will be done  in extreme snow and ice conditions.  When it comes to winter tyres, Nokian Tyres is the world leader. By adding this centre it will be able to cover all seasons and weather climates.

Adding research and development facilities shows that Nokian Tyres is committed to continuously develop betted and safer tyres for all weather conditions. They produce tyres for both cars, electric cars, SUVs and trucks. Even  tyres for big trucks and heavy tyres for heavy duty machines are produced by Nokia Tyres.


Importance of Testing

You will only be able to improve the rubber compounds and the tread design by continuous testing. They will need to test rolling resistance, wet grip, brake distance and tyre wear. They will test how they perform at high speeds and how they can take corners.


If you will invest in a set of Nokian Tyres summer tyres, you will know that you will get a tyre from a producer with a lot of commitment in producing great tyres for every season. If you want optimal performance from your tyre during the summer, you need to invest in a dedicated summer tyre.