Some Of The Roughest Conditions For Tires

When you talk about roughest conditions for tires, you tend to automatically think of the big equipment that uses these tires.  Some of the machines are enormous and their tires are also amazingly big. There are numerous of different types of heavy machinery and they all have different requirements, so you have a vast amount of different tires for the different machines.

Mining tires and forest tires are two examples of tires that need the combination of agility and control combined with grip and durability. Work for these industries tend to be done at remote locations, where any type of vehicle breakdown is expensive and time consuming to repair. The equipment used can be massive, so the investment costs are very high. This means that any downtime should be avoided and in addition to choosing the best and most reliable machines also the tires are chosen based on reliability and durability.

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Large Scale Clearing Of Snow

To ensure that the vehicle used for snow clearing has tires that are great in winter conditions, you will need dedicated snow ploughing tires.

During the winter or when winter or a storm is approaching, it is common to prepare the roads by salting the roads with a gritter, which spreads salt to the roads.

The reason to salt the roads is that salt decreases the freezing point, so that falling snow will melt and you will have an easier time keeping the roads clear.

There is still a need for snow removal after a massive snowfall, then you will use a winter service vehicle, you can often use a gritter on the back of it, so that once you have removed ice and snow, you will add more salt to the roads.

You will need also to decide if you will just plough the snow to the side, or if you will actual do snow removal, where you will need to throw the snow out of the way with a snow blower, or transport it away or then melt it, all options are readily available, but it depends on the situation.

To ensure that the vehicle used for snow clearing has tires that are great in winter conditions, you will need dedicated snow ploughing tires.

Tires that have great grip on snow and ice, as well as very good wear resistance, so that you get more hours out of your tires. Potential downtime to change tires and deal with other tire related problems are very costly.

The ability to keep roads clear of snow and ice is very important to ensure that the road network can be freely used and that there are not major slowdowns due to snow.

Tires that have great grip on snow and ice, as well as very good wear resistance, so that you get more hours out of your tires. Potential downtime to change tires and deal with other tire related problems are very costly.

The ability to keep roads clear of snow and ice is very important to ensure that the road network can be freely used and that there are not major slowdowns due to snow.

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Shipping Yards Need For Tires-Stepwise Approach To Select


Within the shipping yard you have a lot of heavy loads that needs to be moved around and put on and off ships and onto trucks for land-based transportation. A lot of the machinery is semi-fixed or can be moved by tracks, but there is still some machinery that will have wheels.

The basics ones are the terminal tractors and the gantrys on wheels, the so-called Rubber Tired Gantry’s (RTG), is that both are able to manage massive loads, while they transport containers within the terminal.

Terminal tractors might also be known as shunt truck and is designed to move the semi-trailers around within the terminal. They are easier to maneuver than a big truck within the area.

When selecting terminal tractor tires, you need to consider the heavy load that will be put on the tires, so you need to select based on the working environment. It tends to be limited vehicle height, so the tires tend to be low profile tires. They need to be able to handle extreme high loads without breaking.

You will also need excellent driving response, as you tend to maneuver in cramped spaces. Make sure that you select a tire that is specifically designed for terminal use.

For RTG-tires, you have the same criteria, with massive loads, but you will also need tires that are extremely easy to turn as lot of turning is done while the RTG is standing still.

Low heat build up and low wear are also critical factors when choosing an RTG-tire, as you will want as little downtime and tire wear as possible. Changing tires shouldn’t be done too frequently, so strive for low wear tires that will save you costs and unnecessary downtime.

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The Art Of Snow Removal

Snow ploughing tires

For countries that has snow or even worse sometimes get surprised by it, will need to ensure that they can effectively manage to remove snow quickly. Failure to do so will impact the entire infrastructure, as all the roads, cities, and the airports; will be immobilized if there is too much snow.

Areas that are used to having much snow every winter will be well equipped to handle this type of weather conditions. Even really heavy snowstorms rarely impact the airports much as they are so used to handle it and have the right equipment to quickly clear all the runways and taxiways from ice and snow to get planes down and up in the air on time.

Proper equipment and proper tires is what is needed to cope with snow removal during these conditions. Snow ploughing tires are of course needed to have sufficient grip, Nokian Hakkapeliitta offers a great range of tires that can handle the rough weather conditions, as you need to be out there clearing snow regardless of if it is very bad winter weather. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI has already two world records and is an excellent snow removal tire.

When you remove snow you will need several types of equipment and there are even more to choose from. Snow removal vehicles or winter service vehicles are commonly used to clear away snow and ice from city roads. They can move fast and push snow to the side. You might need to also remove snow, and then you will need a wheeled loader and move the snow to a dump truck.

You will often grit the surfaces before with salt truck aka a gritter. Often a winter service vehicle will have a gritter in the back so that it can combined the snow removal and gritting. This way you will use the same vehicle to first grit the surface and then once the snow has arrived you can remove the snow and grit some more. The salt will lower the freezing point and will cause the snow and ice to melt and run of the road. You tend to also mix in sand, so that sand will give you better traction when you drive as the roads have been cleared from snow and ice. In airports carbamide is often used as salt can damage the airplanes and navigation equipment.

Then you have snowplows that are very common; they can be fitted on e.g. a fast heavy truck or then a wheeled loader, depending on the use case. Snow blowers are also often used. Good thing here is that you can get the snow a bit further away to prevent to much snow stocking up and narrowing the driveways. It does however require that there is some area where the snow can be blown to.  Snow melting vehicles can also be good for quickly removing the snow, as you actually melt it on the truck and then pour out excessive water from the truck.

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The Challenges Of Long Haul Tires

heavy truck tires

The concept of long haul puts a lot of pressure on your tires. You will need extremely durable tires to be able to handle the massive loads over very long distances and keep doing that day in and day out. The machines are not purchased to stand still so they are in constant motion as much of the 365 days per year if possible.

You will need to invest in special haul tires regardless if you choose bus tires or heavy truck tires. Durability and low wear is key to ensure a smooth trouble free operation around the year, with minimum downtime and maintenance stops.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Backhoe Loader

earthmoving tires

Backhoe tires should be easy to find as the backhoe is a very versatile piece of machinery and can be used for numerous of different jobs.

The new Nokian Tri Backhoe tire is as good as they come. These tires are excellent earthmoving tires for various tasks and ensures that you have reliable grip and great stability during digging. Stability can be a problem with a backhoe loader as you can easily get rocking motions that can potentially tip your backhoe, which can cause injuries and expensive damages.

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Tractor Tires Should Be Easy To Find

Tractor tires

There are a lot of tires for heavy equipment including different types of tractors. Tractor tires need heavy tires and depending on the usage of the tractor the tire options can be reduced. You need to consider the terrain and the possible weather conditions that you might require your tractor to work in.

If your tractor is required in winter conditions, you will need to have tires that are designed for these low temperatures and that they can provide enough grip on ice and snow. Often tires can be studded for improved grip especially on ice.

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Delayed Buses


When you are depending on getting to and from work by commuting on a bus, you cherish the fact that the bus is on time, so that you can plan better. What we all know is that the weather is not constant and as the weather changes you might have certain delays.

The better bus tires that the bus is equipped with the lesser the chance that you will have delays due to weather conditions. If you have winter weather present with snow and ice, which is even more challenging the tires, need to have the 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall to ensure that the tires are tested and approved for real winter conditions.

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Even Farmers Will Need To Know A Lot About Tires

agricultural trailer tires

In agriculture there are numerous of different machinery used, depending on what needs to be done.

You tend to have at least one or a few tractors, which all needs to have tractor tires and then you will most likely also have a trailer, which will need to have agricultural trailer tires.

Depending on the terrain and the weather conditions in your area, the choices and options can be either narrow or then you have a wide range of tire options to choose from.

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Make Sure That Your Backhoe Loader Is Stable

backhoe tires

The backhoe tires needs to be properly inflated when you use the backhoe as it can otherwise allow more rocking when you are digging. You should also use the hydraulic stabilizers, which will stabilize the vehicle when you are using the backhoe for digging.

If the backhoe would actually tilt, it could cause personal injuries and a lot of extra costs. So check the tire pressure in the technical tire manual to ensure that you have the correctly tire pressure based on the load.

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