Best ways to stay safe when driving during the winter

When you drive in winter conditions you will need to have proper tires that can handle the conditions that the winter brings. If your tires are not approved for winter conditions, then you should not be driving when you have ice or snow present or even when you have freezing temperature.

Use winter tires if you live and drive in real winter conditions during the winter season. You can then choose between studded or non-studded tires as your winter tire choice. Both are excellent in winter condition regardless of snow or ice.

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Best tires if you only want one set of tires

SUV tires are the same as other tires. Don’t drive with SUV all-season tires in winter conditions. Use an SUV all-weather tire for use in areas where you will face winter conditions.

If you want to save the hassle of changing between all-season and winter tires, then an all-weather tire is your best option. The same goes even if you are not even considering winter tires, but you will experience winter weather.

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Ways to stay safe while driving during summers

Make sure that the car is in good condition and this includes all the main functions of the car. This includes checking the brakes.

Make sure that you have high quality summer tyres, which are in good condition.

Good grip both on dry and wet surfaces is key for safe driving in the summer. Make sure that your tyres have a good braking distance to keep you out of accidents.

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