Best performance results in best forest productivity

pneus de tracteur

Since the equipment are getting bigger and heavier, you can often run the business more effectively. Less manpower can be used and more trees can be cut per hour. To achieve the best performance out of the newer machines that have been designed for optimal performance you need to also make sure that they have the best possible tires to ensure that the equipment can deliver the performance it was designed to deliver. If you have tires that can’t provide the necessary grip or tires to get you up the hills or that rupture due to the heavy loads or sharp stubs. 

Forest driving is quite extreme, you don’t always have any clear paths and the surface is everything but smooth and level. You will face anything from moss covered rocks, bogs, muddy hills to just overgrown forests and this is what you have to drive through without having any problems with grip or damaging the tires. All the forest tires will need to have some minimum requirements when it comes to durability and grip, but when you make sure that you get the best possible tires you want to make sure that they give you the best possible performance.

The operation should not be impacted by weather, where heavy rain or even snow would cause delays to the operations. You will need to get the job done regardless of external conditions. Proper tires will not stop a skidder getting up a muddy hill just due to heavy rain, the tires should provide so good grip that you can get up and continue operating regardless of weather. Nokian Tyres are the global leader in forest tires and their logger tires Nokian Logger King are made for the biggest equipment in the hardest conditions, where you need a tire that will not let you down. For skidders that have to pull full sized trees through the forest to the landing, the will need very durable skidder tires that have sufficient grip to be able to pull the trees behind the skidder.

You also don’t want to tires to rupture, cut or crack when being far into the woods. Tire related problems are always costly if they happen at distant work sites. This is why investing in tires that can provide you with long trouble free service life with non-existing problems at distant locations; the business will save a lot of money. You will still to do regular maintenance and service to the tires to make sure that you can avoid unscheduled downtime. However, scheduled maintenance comes at a fraction of the cost compared to unscheduled maintenance, as it is preventive maintenance. It can often be as simple as cleaning the tires and checking for cuts and cracks. You also need check the tire pressure and refilling it if needed. Then checking the tread depth to know if your tires are worn out and have to be replaced. Make use of the technical tire manual for checking the correct tire pressure.

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