The SUV Dilemma

SUV non-studded tyres

The big dilemma with SUVs has to do with the fact that SUVs are thought to be safer than normal cars, but the big rugged summer tyres make a lot of people believe that they don’t need to equip them with winter tyres, and this might lead to accidents.

The fact is that any vehicle that drives in winter conditions will need proper winter tyres, so you will need to buy SUV winter tyres to ensure that you stay safe while driving. You can choose between SUV studded or SUV non-studded tyres,both will make your SUV much safer in winter.

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Are Suvs Safer During Wintertime?

SUV winter tires

An SUV tends to be safer than smaller vehicles. There are reports showing that drivers or passengers are 50% more likely to survive a crash. This is a quite convincing reason why you should buy an SUV.

However, even the newest SUV may not prevent you from getting in an accident, especially if you don’t have appropriate tyres in good condition under it. That’s why you should have proper winter tyres during winter conditions: they will decrease the likelihood of an accident. So be wise and put proper SUV winter tyres on your SUV and be even safer.

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Best Winter Tyres For Most European Countries


If you are not living in the Nordic countries and icy road is not your most common road surface, but still want to have a very good winter tyre, the non-studded tyre is probably your best bet.

Non-studded tyres are able to achieve great grip through unique tread design and special rubber compound, and they will give you great grip also on icy surfaces. So regardless of what conditions you experience during your drive, you will have a great driving experience with these tyres.

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Good Winter Tyres For Europe

non-studded tyres

Due to the different rules and regulations around Europe in regards of winter tyres, the safest bet tends to be non-studded tyres. This will give you more freedom when traveling across borders.

If you have studded tyres you might end up in situation that you cross borders and you are not allowed to continue driving with the tyres that you have. Non-studded tyres will always perform well during winter conditions and will allow you to drive through countries that have restrictions on studded winter tyres, so you will be more flexible. For more information regarding non-studded tyres, visit us at Nokian Tyres

The Beauty Of All-Weather Tyres

all weather tyres

As the people who use all weather tyres have noticed, it is very convenient to have these tyres as you don’t have to change between seasons. If you get a pair of high quality winter approved all-weather tyres, then you will be ready for any type of weather.

Make sure that the tyres you buy have the three mountain peak snow flake symbol (3MPSF) on the sidewall. This ensures that they are good also on winter surfaces, so that you will have grip and control even if the roads turn snowy and icy.

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All-Weather Tires Can Ride Out The Storm

all weather tires

Snow storms tend to hit us from time to time and it can be difficult to prepare for these. If you belong to the people who change tires between the seasons, you need to make sure that you change before the snow storms hit your area. If you change to winter tires on time, you will be ready to hit the road even in the harsh and varying winter weather conditions.

With all weather tires that have been approved for winter use you will be ready to get behind the wheel in almost any weather. This is the beauty of all-weather tires.

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Avoid Spin-Outs And Crashing In Winter Time

SUV studded tires

To stay safe on the road in winter, you need correct tires that provide you with the good grip on wintry road surfaces. Winter tires are the only tires that can provide this for your vehicle, reducing the risk of accident.

A studded tires is your best option if the roads are icy. On snowy roads both studded and non-studded tires that have been approved for winter use will perform equally well. If you drive an SUV, remember to get SUV studded tires or SUV non-studded tires for safe driving.

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Great Winter Tyres For People Driving A Lot Through Europe

non-studded tyres

People who tend to drive a lot through Europe and cross a lot of borders into other countries in Europe, might find it easier if they opt for non-studded tyres instead of studded tyres.

When you drive during the winter season and you want to ensure that you are safe while driving through a lot of snow, then you need winter tyres. A set of non-studded tyres is most likely your best choice. You can drive through Europe without problems and stay safe regardless of weather.

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The Importance Of Change

All weather tires

It is said that change makes us better. It makes us improve. When it comes to tires, you should change tires between summer and winter season to get the best performance out of them in each season. The seasons exhibit different kind of weather with different challenges, which is why it is difficult to cope with one set of tires in all weather conditions. All weather tires will be able to do it, if they are winter approved, but you will get even better performance by having specific winter tires and summer tires.

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Why Isn’t There More Discussion Regarding Winter Tires In The Media?

winter tires

Many different news channels have been reporting about the big snow storm sweeping in over the US but there has not been any discussion about the tires and the need for proper winter tires to drive in these wintry conditions.

I find this very interesting and at the same time frightening. There is no law regulating the use of winter tires in harsh winter conditions and that’s why people may not have proper tires for these challenging conditions.

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