The SUV Dilemma

SUV non-studded tyres

The big dilemma with SUVs has to do with the fact that SUVs are thought to be safer than normal cars, but the big rugged summer tyres make a lot of people believe that they don’t need to equip them with winter tyres, and this might lead to accidents.

The fact is that any vehicle that drives in winter conditions will need proper winter tyres, so you will need to buy SUV winter tyres to ensure that you stay safe while driving. You can choose between SUV studded or SUV non-studded tyres,both will make your SUV much safer in winter.

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Are Suvs Safer During Wintertime?

SUV winter tires

An SUV tends to be safer than smaller vehicles. There are reports showing that drivers or passengers are 50% more likely to survive a crash. This is a quite convincing reason why you should buy an SUV.

However, even the newest SUV may not prevent you from getting in an accident, especially if you don’t have appropriate tyres in good condition under it. That’s why you should have proper winter tyres during winter conditions: they will decrease the likelihood of an accident. So be wise and put proper SUV winter tyres on your SUV and be even safer.

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