The Art Of Snow Removal

Snow ploughing tires

For countries that has snow or even worse sometimes get surprised by it, will need to ensure that they can effectively manage to remove snow quickly. Failure to do so will impact the entire infrastructure, as all the roads, cities, and the airports; will be immobilized if there is too much snow.

Areas that are used to having much snow every winter will be well equipped to handle this type of weather conditions. Even really heavy snowstorms rarely impact the airports much as they are so used to handle it and have the right equipment to quickly clear all the runways and taxiways from ice and snow to get planes down and up in the air on time.

Proper equipment and proper tires is what is needed to cope with snow removal during these conditions. Snow ploughing tires are of course needed to have sufficient grip, Nokian Hakkapeliitta offers a great range of tires that can handle the rough weather conditions, as you need to be out there clearing snow regardless of if it is very bad winter weather. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI has already two world records and is an excellent snow removal tire.

When you remove snow you will need several types of equipment and there are even more to choose from. Snow removal vehicles or winter service vehicles are commonly used to clear away snow and ice from city roads. They can move fast and push snow to the side. You might need to also remove snow, and then you will need a wheeled loader and move the snow to a dump truck.

You will often grit the surfaces before with salt truck aka a gritter. Often a winter service vehicle will have a gritter in the back so that it can combined the snow removal and gritting. This way you will use the same vehicle to first grit the surface and then once the snow has arrived you can remove the snow and grit some more. The salt will lower the freezing point and will cause the snow and ice to melt and run of the road. You tend to also mix in sand, so that sand will give you better traction when you drive as the roads have been cleared from snow and ice. In airports carbamide is often used as salt can damage the airplanes and navigation equipment.

Then you have snowplows that are very common; they can be fitted on e.g. a fast heavy truck or then a wheeled loader, depending on the use case. Snow blowers are also often used. Good thing here is that you can get the snow a bit further away to prevent to much snow stocking up and narrowing the driveways. It does however require that there is some area where the snow can be blown to.  Snow melting vehicles can also be good for quickly removing the snow, as you actually melt it on the truck and then pour out excessive water from the truck.

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