Get The Most Out Of Your Backhoe Loader

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Backhoe tires should be easy to find as the backhoe is a very versatile piece of machinery and can be used for numerous of different jobs.

The new Nokian Tri Backhoe tire is as good as they come. These tires are excellent earthmoving tires for various tasks and ensures that you have reliable grip and great stability during digging. Stability can be a problem with a backhoe loader as you can easily get rocking motions that can potentially tip your backhoe, which can cause injuries and expensive damages.

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Make Sure That Your Backhoe Loader Is Stable

backhoe tires

The backhoe tires needs to be properly inflated when you use the backhoe as it can otherwise allow more rocking when you are digging. You should also use the hydraulic stabilizers, which will stabilize the vehicle when you are using the backhoe for digging.

If the backhoe would actually tilt, it could cause personal injuries and a lot of extra costs. So check the tire pressure in the technical tire manual to ensure that you have the correctly tire pressure based on the load.

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