Shipping Yards Need For Tires-Stepwise Approach To Select


Within the shipping yard you have a lot of heavy loads that needs to be moved around and put on and off ships and onto trucks for land-based transportation. A lot of the machinery is semi-fixed or can be moved by tracks, but there is still some machinery that will have wheels.

The basics ones are the terminal tractors and the gantrys on wheels, the so-called Rubber Tired Gantry’s (RTG), is that both are able to manage massive loads, while they transport containers within the terminal.

Terminal tractors might also be known as shunt truck and is designed to move the semi-trailers around within the terminal. They are easier to maneuver than a big truck within the area.

When selecting terminal tractor tires, you need to consider the heavy load that will be put on the tires, so you need to select based on the working environment. It tends to be limited vehicle height, so the tires tend to be low profile tires. They need to be able to handle extreme high loads without breaking.

You will also need excellent driving response, as you tend to maneuver in cramped spaces. Make sure that you select a tire that is specifically designed for terminal use.

For RTG-tires, you have the same criteria, with massive loads, but you will also need tires that are extremely easy to turn as lot of turning is done while the RTG is standing still.

Low heat build up and low wear are also critical factors when choosing an RTG-tire, as you will want as little downtime and tire wear as possible. Changing tires shouldn’t be done too frequently, so strive for low wear tires that will save you costs and unnecessary downtime.

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