The Challenges Of Long Haul Tires

heavy truck tires

The concept of long haul puts a lot of pressure on your tires. You will need extremely durable tires to be able to handle the massive loads over very long distances and keep doing that day in and day out. The machines are not purchased to stand still so they are in constant motion as much of the 365 days per year if possible.

You will need to invest in special haul tires regardless if you choose bus tires or heavy truck tires. Durability and low wear is key to ensure a smooth trouble free operation around the year, with minimum downtime and maintenance stops.

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Delayed Buses


When you are depending on getting to and from work by commuting on a bus, you cherish the fact that the bus is on time, so that you can plan better. What we all know is that the weather is not constant and as the weather changes you might have certain delays.

The better bus tires that the bus is equipped with the lesser the chance that you will have delays due to weather conditions. If you have winter weather present with snow and ice, which is even more challenging the tires, need to have the 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall to ensure that the tires are tested and approved for real winter conditions.

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Why Isn’t There More Discussion Regarding Winter Tires In The Media?

winter tires

Many different news channels have been reporting about the big snow storm sweeping in over the US but there has not been any discussion about the tires and the need for proper winter tires to drive in these wintry conditions.

I find this very interesting and at the same time frightening. There is no law regulating the use of winter tires in harsh winter conditions and that’s why people may not have proper tires for these challenging conditions.

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