Commercial tires that get the job done regardless of weather


Truck require good quality commercial tires that can drive regardless of what weather condition that you will face when you drive. This can be very important if you drive long distances and across several different countries. Where you might drive from areas that have summer conditions and end up in areas that have winter conditions. To be safe you have to have winter tires that can handle these conditions. In some countries it is mandatory that you have proper winter tires to be able to drive legally.

Truck tires are designed for long distance driving, which will have low wear. They should have low rolling resistance so that they have low heat build up and tire wear. This will also give them low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. The truck tires will have 3 different tire options depending on the position on the truck. You have steer tires in the front that will have slightly different property requirements than the drive tires that needs to provide good traction. Then you have the trailer tires that will need to absorb the weight of the cargo that you carry.

You might also rely on winter condition driving where you would need winter approved tires, that can provide the truck with safe driving on snowy and icy roads. Here it is important that all the tires on the truck are winter tires and can provide the grip and control that you will need for safe driving. This will enable you to drive even in the countries that require winter tires for trucks to legally be able to drive in the country. The countries that don’t require it, will still allow you to use it if the tires are not studded and it provides you with extra safety if you have winter conditions.

If you need on and off road tiresfor your truck, which might be good for forest trucks on muddy roads or earthmoving sites. These tires will provide similar good properties regardless if you are driving on smooth highways or the more challenging off road terrain. For off road you require self-cleaning properties for such soft terrain such as mud, sand and snow. These tires require very unique combination of properties since

You can see the full range of tires in the technical tire manual, where you can assess the correct tire option for your truck. The full range of tires is quite vast and it is of course bigger as you will need different tires for the different position and also you have tire options based on weather, where you might need winter tires or tires that can handle all the weather around the year. Then you have the tires that can handle any type of terrain to make them even more versatile and very important addition to the industries that require both on and off road driving, while still relying on excellent performance.

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